** Please note that our waxing services is only available at Jari Jari Spa Suria Sabah outlet.

Available waxing treatments:

Waxing for the Face

    Duration Women Men
    Eyebrow Wax & Shape 20 Mins RM48 RM68
    Upper Lip 15 Mins RM38 RM58
    Chin 15 Mins RM38 RM58
    Cheek 15 Mins RM38 RM58
    Side of Face 15 Mins RM38 RM58
    Nose 15 Mins RM38 RM58
    Ears 15 Mins RM38 RM58
    Forehead 15 Mins RM48 RM68
    Full Face (except Nouse & Ears) 45 Mins RM168 RM228
    *Add-on Soothing Mask 20 Mins RM88 RM88

    Waxing for the Arms

      Duration Women Men
      Fingers 10 Mins RM18 RM28
      Underarms 15 Mins RM68 RM98
      Lower Arms 20 Mins RM78 RM128
      Full Arms 40 Mins RM138 RM188

      Waxing for the Legs

        Duration Women Men
        Toe 10 Mins RM28 RM38
        Lower Legs (Soft Wax) 20 Mins RM78 RM128
        Lower Legs 30 Mins RM98 RM148
        Thighs 40 Mins RM138 RM188
        Full Legs 60 Mins RM188 RM298

        Waxing for the Body

          Duration Women Men
          Shoulders 20 Mins RM48 RM88
          Chest 20 Mins RM48 RM88
          Stomach Strip 10 Mins RM38 RM68
          Full Stomach 15 Mins RM48 RM88
          Full Back 40 Mins RM168 RM228

          Intimate Waxing

            Duration Women Men
            Bikini Line 15 Mins RM128
            Bikini High & Low 30 Mins RM118
            Brazilian (All-Off) 40 Mins RM168
            Brazilian (Shaping) 50 Mins RM198
            *Add-on Brazilian Mask 20 Mins RM88

            Full Body Wax

              Duration Women Men
              Full Body 180 Mins RM688 RM888