Postnatal Care Treatment

Duration: 14 DAYS

    Jari Jari Post Natal Care concept is based on age old Malay beauty traditions utilising natural herbal and spice remedies selected for their quality. The goodness and purity of Asian herbs and spice are renowned for their healing and rejuvenating properties in traditional and complimentary treatment.

    Jari Jari Post Natal Care celebrates your motherhood with you! Through our services you will benefit by embracing natural herbal care and practices for your post natal period. At the end of the selected treatment regime you will feel recharged and refreshed, get back into shape – full of vitality and energy to meet the challenges and joy of motherhood.

    Traditional Herbal Infusion

    This Herbal infusion provides the goodness of Herbal plants extract and botanical extracts to maintain youthfulness, protect and refreshes your body. Besides restoring energy, the fresh ingredients and a fragrance inspired by nature, herbal infusion speeds up the digestive process and “de-winds “ your body. The herbs help to stimulate discharge of after birth blood and restores vitality in your post-natal period.

    Benefits of Postnatal Care Treatment

    1. This treatment has it’s uniqueness to help mothers after the birth to restore, to strengthen and to fortify their bodies. The Postnatal Care Treatment soothes and calms their inner being within the shortest time possible.
    2. Our well trained Post Natal Care Therapist will assist and provide 14 days continuity of post natal care treatment in your home for your convenience and comfort.
    3. Jari Jari Post Natal Care Treatment is recommended for both Normal Birth and Caesarean Birth. This treatment is to commence 10 days after the delivery of baby.

    Schedule : Monday to Saturday
    Time : 10.00 am till 1.00pm

    Steps to Treatment:

    1. Traditional Post Natal Massage – 75 minutes
    2. Hot Stone Therapy on Tummy (Normal Birth ) OR
      Hot Compress on Back (Caesarean Birth) – 15 minutes
    3. Jamu Selapan Masque on Forehead, Breast and Tummy – 10 minutes
    4. Herbal Steaming Procedure – 15 minutes
    5. Traditional Herbal Bath – 15 minutes
    6. Bengkung (Abdominal Binder with Kapur and Lime) OR
      OPPO Care Binder (Caesarean Birth) – 15 minutes

    1. Advance Booking is required * minimum 2 months before due date.
    2. Upon confirmation, a minimum of 50% deposit is required.
    3. Transportation for duty therapist to visit client’s home is provided within 3 KM of Kota Kinabalu area only. An additional transport charges will be incurred outskirt of Kota Kinabalu area.
    4. Full packaged post-natal care treatment for 14 days inclusive Post Natal Sets, Abdominal Binder and one therapist.
    5. For free consultant, please contact:

      Suria Sabah 088-487259
      Tanjung Aru Plaza 088-272606
      Palace Hotel 088-311696
      Email :
      Website :

    • Continuous 14 day treatment (3 hours each session) @ RM2599.00 nett

    Email us at or call us at Suria Sabah 088-487259 / Tanjung Aru Plaza 088-272606 / Palace Hotel 088-311696 and a Jari Jari member will assist you.